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Technical Specification


Basic Specifications


LOA 10.365m 33.11ft
 DWL 8.660m 28.5ft
 Beam 3.194m 10.6ft
 Draught 1.750m 5.9ft
 Displacement 3,709kg 8,176lb
 Ballast 1,406kg 3,100lb


Full Specification


Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type: Fractional Sloop 
LOA:  33.92ft 10.34m  LWL:  28.42ft 8.66m
 Beam:  10.50ft 3.20m  Listed SA:  531 ft2 49.33m2
 Draft (max):  5.67ft 1.73m  Draft (min):  
Displacement:  8,176lb 3,709kg  Ballast:  3,100lb 1,406kg
 SA/Disp.:  21.00  Ballast/Disp.: 37.91% 
 Displacement / Length:  159.0    
 Construction:  GRP  Ballast type:  Fixed Lead Keel
 First Built:  1982  Last Built:  
Number Produced: aprox. 150     
Std Engine: Volvo sail drive Model:  
Fuel: Diesel HP:  
Water Tanks: 66gal 250L  Fuel Tank: 20gal 76L
Rig and Sail Particulars
I(IG):  37.80ft 11.52m J:  11.60ft 3.54m
P:  39.75ft 12.12m E:  15.67ft 4.78m
PY: N/A  EY: N/A 
ISP: 39.98ft 12.185m  SPL: 12.82ft 3.910m 
SA(fore): 219.24ft2 20.37m2 SA(main): 311.44ft2 28.93m2
SA(100%fore+main): 530.68ft2 49.30m2    
Sail Area/Disp2: 20.99 Est. Forestay Length: 39.54ft 12.05m